What's with the Territories?

Many fabulous places are not sovereign states at all, but territories of countries oceans away (eg New Caledonia). In other places sovereignty is hotly disputed (eg Western Sahara). Or there's Antarctica, an amazing eco system that belongs to no country but is governed by an international treaty. We've listed some of these places under the category of "Territories". You'll find them on the Countries list in a grey font. Just as with your Country Count you can view your Territory Count on the My Passport page of the app. When you select a Territory a prompt will appear that explains which sovereign state the territory belongs to and offers you the opportunity to add it to your Territory Count. Of course, it's always up to you if you wish to add the sovereign state as well.

We at Country Counter know that some of these territories will stir hot passions about complex and controversial politcal questions (eg Tibet, Somaliland or Taiwan) but Country Counter is for travellers and by and large we've let the United Nations make the call on sovereignty.