Its up to you to decide when you have "visited" a country. If you didn't clear customs or leave the airport, have you really entered the country? Sorry, transits should not count. Did your train take you through Liechenstein on your journey from Salzburg to Zurich but you didn't actually get off? Sure, you visited it. But are you really comfortable counting it? Ultimately it's up to you.

Our rule?
Can you defend counting the country to your friends? If so, count it.

It's travel. It's not a competition ... yeah right! The Leaders Boards' enable us to rank all our travellers according to their country count. You can see where you stand against all Country Counter users or just your Facebook friends - but they also need to be using the Country Counter app. You can also use the Leaders Boards to see where your friends have travelled - maybe they will have great tips for your next adventure. Or maybe they are trying to count the United Arab Emirates when you know they never left the lounge in Dubai- call them on it!

Do I have to to appear on the Leaders Boards?
Yes, all Country Counter users are ranked on the Leaders Boards however you will not appear on your friends' Leaders Boards if you are not connected with them on Facebook. If you really, really want to keep your travel on the down low feel free to use a nickname and that will appear instead.

Smug self satisfacton. Amazing travel memories ... not bad!

Many fabulous places are not sovereign states at all, but territories of countries oceans away (eg New Caledonia). In other places sovereignty is hotly disputed (eg Western Sahara). Or there's Antarctica, an amazing eco system that belongs to no country but is governed by an international treaty. We've listed some of these places under the category of "Territories". You'll find them on the Countries list in a grey font. Just as with your Country Count you can view your Territory Count on the My Passport page of the app. When you select a Territory a prompt will appear that explains which sovereign state the territory belongs to and offers you the opportunity to add it to your Territory Count. Of course, it's always up to you if you wish to add the sovereign state as well.

We at Country Counter know that some of these territories will stir hot passions about complex and controversial politcal questions (eg Tibet, Somaliland or Taiwan) but Country Counter is for travellers and by and large we've let the United Nations make the call on sovereignty.

The following information can be viewed by other users of the app:

  • Your name, it could be your nickname, if you choose.
  • Your nationality.
  • Your overall country count.
  • The list of countries you have visited (and the last date you were there, if you entered this information).


No! It's completely up to you.  Country Counter will prompt you each time there is an opportunity to share eg as you add new countries or when you tick things off your wishlist.

You'll need to connect your social media accounts to your Country Counter account if you want to be included on Leaders Boards with your friends. You can connect your social media accounts by selecting the Facebook and Twitter icons on the My Passport page.

You can delete your Country Counter account at any time by selecting the account icon on the My Passport page .... or you can dust off your passport and hit the road ... we know what we'd prefer!