The ultimate travel app to count
the number of countries you've visited


"Travelling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller"

Ibn Battuta

"we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us"


"the most dangerous world view is the world view of those who have not viewed the world"

Alexander Von Humbold

My Passport
My Passport is your gateway to the app. 
At a glance you can see how many countries
you've visited and how many you've got to go.
As you travel, your world map will turn blue.



Travel Diaries
Travel Diaries help you record details of your
travel and store photos and tips.
Did you stay at a great hotel,
eat at an amazing restaurant or meet a fabulous guide? 
Record the details in Tips and you'll always
be able to help your friends plan the trip of a lifetime.
Wishlists enable you to create lists
of your top travel dreams.
You can share these lists with friends on social media and
tick them off as you complete them.
Wishlists let you add a country that you've always dreamed of visiting,
or you can use free text to describe a particular travel experience.
leader boards
Leader Boards enable travellers to
compare your country count

with friends on social media and with all
users of the Country Counter app. 
You can also use Leader Boards to see where
your friends have been to get tips to plan your next trip.

Countries contains a complete list of
soveriegn states and territories. 
It helps settle those questions about which places count as
sovereign nations and makes sure that everyone is
“country counting” from the same list!
Click here to see what counts as a country and why.
Share your travel


Choose to share your travel on facebook or twitter.
Keep your friends up to date with where you are travelling,
where you have travelled to plus your travel wishlists, and photos.
Share as much or a little of your travel as you wish!